The Best Coffee Shops In The World

Having consulted with 150 coffee experts and brilliant baristas, a new book names the best cafés, bakeries, and restaurants where caffeine addicts can get the perfect hit from their favorite fix. And of the 600-plus places mentioned, author Liz Clayton has picked her top five. Are they really the best coffee shops in the world? According to these experts, they might just be…

  1. G&B Coffee (Grand Central Market), LA

    “My favourite place to have an espresso is at G&B. I prefer that my espresso tastes more like a filter coffee. I prefer their larger extractions that are served in a Gibraltar glass that you sip at a warm temperature, while saddled up at the bar chatting with friends.” — Laila Ghambari Willbur

    “The Fizzy Hoppy Tea soda at G&B was startlingly delicious. I wasn’t quite sure what it was when it was served to me with my espresso, but since it was bubbly, I assumed it was some type of soda water. It was such an amazing complement to the espresso (an Ethiopian coffee from Heart) and I was taken aback. They make it in-house and at the time I had it, it was a blend of two black teas, which they then infused with hops and carbonated it. A lot more gentle on the palate than straight-up soda water.” — Ben Helfen

  2. La Fontaine De Belleville

    It seemed like the talented team behind Belleville Brûlerie was holding out from opening a traditional retail business. Many of the city’s finest cafes already relied on their beans. But in 2016, owners Thomas Lehoux and American expat David Nigel Flynn proved to their fans in the Tenth that their wait was not in vain: La Fontaine De Belleville became the first contemporary specialty cafe to open in Paris in the style of a traditional Parisian cafe. The classically styled corner spot is filled with the vintage charm (and delicious food) you’d expect from the city – replete with a smoker-filled patio – but with, in a new twist, brilliant coffee alongside. And there is wine.

  3. The Coffee Collective

    “When I’m in transit in Copenhagen Airport, I usually go to their place in Torvehallerne by taking the metro, which is very easy to do. The Coffee Collective in Torvehallerne is in a food market where you can buy everything you need for your dinner parties. The design of the place is a long and open bar, with an espresso machine and brew bar.” — Sonja Björk Grant

    “Consistently exquisite coffee and espresso, knowledgeable and friendly staff, beautifully designed cafes and packaging, and beautifully roasted coffee from some of my favorite coffee farms.” — Andrew Barnett

  4. Heart Coffee Roasters

    “The single-origin espresso program at Heart Coffee Roasters is among the most innovative and chance taking I’ve found. They’re out there on the bleeding edge of light roasts, especially in America, and they’re serving these enormous long espresso shots in a cappuccino cup. It is just delicious. You can be innovative and take chances as long as you work really hard and make smart choices along the way.” — Jordan Michelman

    “I always have a great espresso experience at Heart Coffee Roasters.” — Andrew Milstead

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