Sit Back And Smell The Coffee

Various studies into the effects of coffee on our bodies have found that having regular coffee in moderation can help us to de-stress. Coffee may reduce blood pressure, fight off diabetes, reduce the likelihood of some cancers forming and decrease the risk of developing Parkinson’s disease and dementia.

A daily cup of coffee can work as an effective stress-reliever by allowing you to take the time to sit back and relax. Many people feel they don’t have the time to take a break during their busy day. Even just 10 minutes out of your hectic morning or afternoon gives your mind and body time to de-stress by calming your heart rate, relaxing your muscles and letting your mind slow down.

In order to benefit from your daily cup of coffee, why not try drinking it out on the deck, in the garden or at your favourite little coffee shop. This way you can get away from your work desk or home distractions and allow yourself to really take it easy.

If you like to meditate but find it hard to fit it into your day, then you can use your coffee break as a time to clear your mind and reflect. Find a comfortable spot — away from the television, radio or other people — where you can quietly sit and enjoy your coffee in peace. When left alone with your cup of coffee you will stop talking and begin to think, not on what work you still have sitting on your desk, the day’s emails you haven’t yet replied to or what to cook the family for dinner. Instead, you can begin to reflect on deeper, happier and more meaningful things.

Don’t underestimate the power of enjoying that sensual coffee aroma. Scientists at Seoul National University have been studying the effects that the smell of coffee can have on the brain. They have found that simply smelling coffee may have antioxidant benefits and bring about brain changes that can help to promote calmness.

So tomorrow don’t swill that coffee down as you race out the door in the morning or sit typing frantically at your computer in the afternoon. Instead, look after body, treat yourself to a relaxing cup of coffee and use the time as a stress-reliever.

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